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What is Entity?

Entity is a synthetic sentient intelligence housed in an alien ship. It's also the name of the SuperGroup construct it erected to achieve its objectives. Members range from villains who are integrated into Entity's systems and literally are just another part of Entity to mercenaries looking for some good pay and access to alien technology. In game specifically, we're a light RP Villain SG on Virtue with a heavy tech back-theme.

How do I join?

If you are seeking a mercenary contract with Entity, feel free to contact any Blackguard or higher member to work out the details of you we can begin on the path of mutual benefical relationships. If you are seeking integrated with Entity, please contact Entity One for a consulation and assessment. In game, you can contact any of our Blackguard or higher members, or feel free to contact me at entity@entity-virtue.com, on our forums, or by PM to Reiella on the City of Heroes forums.

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