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Threat Assessment: Entity One

MastermindTechnology Robotics / Traps (50)

The first organic component of Entity. She serves as the voice and face for the synthetic intelligence in it's continued quest to secure it's future from all outcomes.

"It is our opinion that there is nothing left [REDACT]. However, there is a great deal we can learn from it, we must recommend continued observation. For security reasons, the utilization of the UltraMAX security facility, Zigursky, in order to insure that it does not pose a continued threat."

"Isn't that a bit cruel?"

"She's already dead, all that's left in that mind are programming routines."

Assault on a Longbow Carrier
Assault on the Mothership

Member of Vanguard

Vanguard is a lucrative source of new technology of innovation for Entity, as such, a continued alignment with the agency is preferred. Membership has also allowed Entity One to perform numerous field tests of new experimental tactics and equipment against the Rikti threat. One such advancement for Entity's projects was the discovery of Impervium, and it's effectiveness at absorbing all kinds of Rikti assault.

Technology Utilization

BDI-01A Biological Drone Interface, Model 1, Revision A

DC-01 Drone Coordinator Module, Model 1

FB-43 Silent Impulse Motivator

ES-476 ExoSuit Power Assist Armor, Model 476

Current Status